Top 10 – Vampire Movies

In no particular order.

Here’s a list of my personal top ten favorite vampire movies. Keep in mind I am not suggesting these are the “best” movies out there, just my favorites. These are all movies I can watch again and again and they never get old.



Ok so not everyone loves this movie.  But Blade is a badass.  ‘Nuff said.

[imdb_movie_detail title=”tt0120611″ detail=”poster_image”]



An amazing Guillermo del Toro exploration of eternal life. Is it a vampire film? I’ll let you decide.

[imdb_movie_detail title=”tt0104029″ detail=”poster_image”]


Innocent Blood

Watch it, you’ll see. John Landis of An American Werewolf… fame turns his attentions to vampires.

[imdb_movie_detail title=”tt0104511″ detail=”poster_image”]


Vampire’s Kiss

What if you were just crazy and not really a vampire? Nicolas Cage puts on an incredible performance (including eating a live cockroach) in this drug-addled vision of Joseph Minion and Robert Bierman.

[imdb_movie_detail title=”tt0098577″ detail=”poster_image”]


The Lost Boys

Who doesn’t love this overly campy, teenage buddy romp starring the Corey’s, Kiefer Sutherland and Jason Patric.

[imdb_movie_detail title=”tt0093437″ detail=”poster_image”]



A fresh take on the vampire genre.

[imdb_movie_detail title=”tt1531901″ detail=”poster_image”]


Near Dark

Bill Paxton and Lance Henriksen reunited right after Aliens. This is the result. I just can’t get enough of this film.

[imdb_movie_detail title=”tt0093605″ detail=”poster_image”]


Let the Right One In

The original version of the film is much better than the US remake.

[imdb_movie_detail title=”tt1139797″ detail=”poster_image”]


Only Lovers Left Alive

A great premise.

[imdb_movie_detail title=”tt1714915″ detail=”poster_image”]


Razor Blade Smile

Most people won’t get it. But this is one of the most imaginative stories I’ve come across in vampiric cinema.

[imdb_movie_detail title=”tt0159693″ detail=”poster_image”]

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