McGizmo Haiku – My Favorite Flashlight

So in recent years I’ve become a bit of a freak for flashlights.  I used to think having a five D-cell Maglite in every car was as good as it got.

Then I discovered real high-powered flashlights – those with LED technology.

My first crazy bright light was a LED Lenser X21R.  The newer version of it (which I will never get) is known as the X21R.2 and is a beast of a light.  My X21 stays in the garage and has been quite useful over the years.  But it’s just too big to be practical for trips, walks, hikes, chores in the house, etc.

So I began looking for smaller lights that still packed a wallop but were easy to carry.  My first small, bright light was the Surefire E2D Defender Ultra – an “Everyday Carry (EDC)” light that put out 500 lumens with a single LED!

Since that first light I’ve “caught the bug” so to speak, and I now have way too many lights.  However, it’s nice to have lights for each car, lights at the lakehouse, lights in the backpack…well, you get the idea.

Still, I never really knew about an entire class of lights that I would call “custom” or “collectable” lights.  Until I did a search for “best EDC flashlight” on google.  I came across article after article extolling the virtues of a man named Don McLeish, and his extraordinary creation, the McGizmo Haiku.  After reading even more on (the only channel Don uses to sell this light and all the incredible other lights he manufactures), I knew I had to have one.

McGizmo Haiku and Yeti

Once I plucked up the courage to explain to my wife that I was buying a flashlight that cost more than my first car, I sent Don an email and within days my light arrived.

While I don’t want to review the flashlight (because there are so many reviews out there) – all I can say is WOW.  The build quality, the beam quality, the variable brightness settings, the switch…unbelievable.  The titanium body and finish is amazing.

Not to mention that it looks like a light saber and has the best feel in the hand of any light I’ve ever used.

If you’re a flashlight nut, and want a truly useful but nonetheless work of art light, the McGizmo Haiku has to be considered.

I plan on passing mine down to my daughter one day, that’s how great it’s put together.

photo © Joe Devine

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